Gubble – An Interesting Parental Control Firefox Extension

I just came across this very neat little Firefox extension that provides parental controls for the Firefox web browser. It is called Gubble ( Once it is installed and you restart Firefox it will prompt you to setup a parental account and then child accounts. The extension takes control of the browser and works on a whitelist philosophy. Everything is blocked except what you allow for the child accounts. The parents account has a password and will let you go wherever you need, but the children can only access the sites you approve. Children can try to go to a site and Gubble will ask them if they want to request access to the site. which will leave a message for the parent account that they will see the next time that they logon. Overall this looks good for parents that want to let their younger children (Elementary/Middle School) explore the internet without worrying as much about the “darker side” of the internet.


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