Time-Lapsed video with a Nikon D5000 on a Mac

I’ve seen some really cool things out there as far as time-lapsed video and wanted to give it a try. This is what I had, what I needed to get and how I wrapped it up in order to complete my first project somewhat painlessly.

First I read through the manual that came with the Nikon D5000 SLR that describes how to actually capture the images (page 76). I set it to capture one image every 3 seconds up to 200 shots (10 minutes).  I set the camera up on a stable surface (a side table) and started the capture of my subject(My dog). Tripod is recommended, but not something I own at this time.

Imported all JPGS to same directory on my mac.

Then I made the movie with Timelapse Assembler for Mac (http://www.dayofthenewdan.com/projects/time-lapse-assembler-1). I chose to make a 3 and 5  FPS movie. I chose to use the 3 FPS one, which gave me a little over 1 minute for the 10 minutes I had captured.

I imported the resulting .MOV into an iMovie project, added some intro/outro text credits,  and added some audio. Total processing time was about 10-15 minutes for my simple project. I put something up later when I actually get something worth sharing on the Internet…


About Craig Szymanski

Systems Administrator Photography Enthusiast
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