Hiking to Roaring Brook Falls, Cheshire, CT Via the Quinnipiac Trail

It is close to spring and the tons of snow that we have had this winter makes it an ideal time to hike on paths that have waterfalls. Today my wife and I opted for the Roaring Brook Falls in Cheshire, CT.  I was thinking that this was going to be a good considering that this waterfall is said to have “the highest single drop” in the state (Ellis). I was unable to find a good map online for this hike and I didn’t want to simply just drive up and walk a few yards to see the falls, but luckily I have a copy of the “Short Nature Walks, Connecticut” by Eugene Keyarts (Seventh Edition). Walk #43 on page 121 has a nice description and a map. He suggests parking on Bethany Mountain Road (Route 42). Using Google maps and looking around in street view I was able to determine that if you put 930 Bethany Mountain Rd, Cheshire, CT into your GPS you would almost be at the spot you wanted to park. There is room for about 4-5 cars on the left if you are traveling West. This is a link goes to the google street view of the parking lot.

Roaring Brook Parking

Roaring Brook parking. Look for that blue oval sign.

Once parked you have to go down the road a bit. I chose to stay behind the guardrail and follow the blue markings.


Look to your left when you see these markings.

This is the place you are going to start…

The trail is well marked in blue and easy to follow. There is a steady uphill grade from the start and a few rocky downhill parts that made me wish I had brought some hiking poles. Just try to stick to stepping on the sturdy rocks along the path when going up or down. Unlike some of the Metacomet trail in Connecticut this one has well packed stones along the way that make good footholds.


At about the 2 mile mark you will see a Red trail leading down and the blue trail going to the left. Follow the blue to see the “Upper” falls and then take the Red down a bit to see the lower larger section.


Take a left of the Upper falls and Right for the lower...

Here are some shots of the Upper and Lower falls…


The smaller Upper Falls


The larger Lower falls section

Below is  a modified map based on the one that my GPS generated. The hike is around 2.5 miles to the falls and back. My GPS logged 5.25 total, but this can be inaccurate at times. The “Short Nature Walks, Connecticut” book states that the walk is only 1.5 miles, but this did not seem to be the case. Either way, figure on a couple of hours plus time to stop and enjoy your surroundings. There are no facilities so make sure you bring your own toilet paper.



David Ellis. “Connecticut Waterfalls – Roaring Brook Falls”.  23 Oct. 1996. http://www.ctwaterfalls.com/falls/main.php?RoaringBrook1
13 March 2011.

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