Deploying Firefox v35.0 in the Enterprise vs Macintosh

I’ve used CCK for a while with great success at locking down preferences for firefox on both the Mac and PC platforms at my workplace. Recently though things have gotten very confusing as the development team has moved the location that you should place /distribution/bundles/.

With version 33 of Firefox and many previous versions it worked by putting your packaged extension here:

Suddenly in version 34 that no longer worked, but with some trial and error I found it would work in this directory:
Now we have version 35 and guess what it was moved back to the old location…

I’d really like to figure out how to get my CCK extension to run from /Library/Application Support/Mozilla/Extensions/ without having to change my at all. Since the new code signing restrictions are in place the Mac OS gets really mad if I change anything in the package. If anyone knows drop me a line!

Some useful Firefox deployment resources…


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