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Linux – Add a File extension to files without one

I’m in the middle of upgrading some Linux servers (Debian, Ubuntu) to a version that includes Apache 2.4. The config files and symlinks that are present in many of these have no extension. This is how to add .conf to … Continue reading

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Symantec BackupExec 12.5 RALUS on Ubuntu

Although backup exec 12.5 does not officially support Remote Agent installation on Ubuntu I have had success installing it on my Ubuntu Hardy servers. Just download the agents from Symantec File Connect and extract the contents. Then go to this … Continue reading

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How to Use a Proxy Server on the Command Line

You are logged onto a linux machine and need to download something from the internet when in the terminal, but you cannot because it is not using a proxy and your corporate network does not allow direct connections to the … Continue reading

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MYSQL Replication: Changing a Slave Database Server to be a Master

Senario: Say the webservers you manage use a database backend which is also replicated to two other servers. In the even that there is a failure then one of the others can take over. was not doing well and … Continue reading

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Drupal Load Balancing File Sync

When being responsible for more than one site you being to worry about the time when things go wrong and how to avoid downtime of sites you are in charge of. I read a pretty good article about clustering and … Continue reading

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Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent 12 on Ubuntu Hardy

In a previous post I mentioned how I was able to get backupexec agent running onĀ Ubuntu Feisty. Recently, we updated to verion 12 and I just wanted to share that this method worked well for me in Ubuntu Hardy also. … Continue reading

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Bind9 Error on Debian Etch

For those of you running a bind dns server you may have come across this error only when trying to restart your DNS server Reloading domain name service… : bindrndc: connect failed: connection refused This has to do with … Continue reading

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