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Deploying Firefox v35.0 in the Enterprise vs Macintosh

I’ve used CCK for a while with great success at locking down preferences for firefox on both the Mac and PC platforms at my workplace. Recently though things have gotten very confusing as the development team has moved the location … Continue reading

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Security Note: Fake SSL Certificates Issued for 9 Popular Websites

Apparently Comodo issued security certificates for these popular websites… login.live.com,, mail.google.com, http://www.google.com, login.yahoo.com (3 certificates), login.skype.com, addons.mozilla.org.  This would allow attackers to create fake websites using these certificates and pose as authentic site and at least steal your logon information. … Continue reading

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Silent Remote Installation of Mozilla Firefox 3.x

This is an example of how to deploy firefox remotely to your windows based domain client machines using psexec with proxy settings. First you need to download the latest 7-zip from here: http://www.7-zip.org after you have that installed find your … Continue reading

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Gubble – An Interesting Parental Control Firefox Extension

I just came across this very neat little Firefox extension that provides parental controls for the Firefox web browser. It is called Gubble (www.gubble.com). Once it is installed and you restart Firefox it will prompt you to setup a parental … Continue reading

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Nice Japanese Translator Extension for Firefox

I was happy to recieve one of my latest podcasts from japanesepod101.com. It mentioned a firefox extension called “Rikaichan” that would translate the translation of a Japanese word in a webpage and translate it to either English, German, French or … Continue reading

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Setting Global Defaults in Firefox on LSTP

First to set the Proxy settings we need to edit the file called all.js in the greprefs folder and find the line that starts with proxy.type. Here is how to do this… 1. When logged onto the machine as an … Continue reading

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Firefox: Backing up your bookmarks

By Default the latest version of Firefox makes a backup of your bookmarks. The problem is that this backup is in that hard-to-find area on the hard drive under C:\documents and settings\UserName\Application Data\etc. etc. etc.(Technical data here: http://www.mozilla.org/support/firefox/profile#locate) So instead of … Continue reading

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