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Apple Profile Manager Missing Disable Wifi?

I’m in the middle of migrating from WGM to Apple’s MDM/Profile Manager. I was baffled to find that the simple checkbox to disable Wifi and Internet Sharing was missing. When your organization has a bunch of imacs in labs you … Continue reading

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Deploying Firefox v35.0 in the Enterprise vs Macintosh

I’ve used CCK for a while with great success at locking down preferences for firefox on both the Mac and PC platforms at my workplace. Recently though things have gotten very confusing as the development team has moved the location … Continue reading

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Macbook Air Drive Clean up

I came across this need as I am currently managing several Macbook Air laptop carts in the school district I work for. As these labs get used by multiple users eventually I begin to see quite a few kids as … Continue reading

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Macintosh Fake Anti-Malware: How to Protect Yourself and Your Network

Protection at Home: (For the regular home folks) There is a new Malware scam going around for Mac computers that exploits Safiari’s “Open safe files automatically” feature. If you are just a home user and use Safari then please disable … Continue reading

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Time-Lapsed video with a Nikon D5000 on a Mac

I’ve seen some really cool things out there as far as time-lapsed video and wanted to give it a try. This is what I had, what I needed to get and how I wrapped it up in order to complete … Continue reading

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Deploy Adobe Flash 10.1x with ARD

For some reason unbeknownst to myself Adobe decided to stop releasing flash player for Macintosh as a package sometime this summer. This is very inconvenient when trying to deploy the player on multiple machines in order to push patches to security … Continue reading

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